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How do I claim asylum?

You can make a claim in person by speaking to an immigration officer, a refugee and protection officer (RPO),  another delegate of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment or the police. You will not be deported while your claim is being processed.  

Your claim needs to be made in writing. Click here to go to the Immigration New Zealand website where you will find the claim form and the address to send it to. 

There is a 6 step process to make a refugee and protection claim in New Zealand:

  1. Complete a claim form.
  2. Submit a written statement.
  3. Attend an interview with a refugee and protection officer (RPO). Please bring any identity documents you have with you, including a driver’s licence and passport. 
  4. Receive a report about your claim.
  5. Make final submissions in support of your claim.
  6. Receive the decision.

For more information and detail on how refugee and protection status is decided in New Zealand, please see the publication from Immigration New Zealand here.

How do I lodge a claim at Alert Level 3 or 4 of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

You can do this electronically by emailing the Refugee Status Unit email address: .