Who We Are


The Asylum Seekers Equality Project (ASEP) is an initiative run by the Human Rights branch of the Wellington Community Justice Project (WCJP), a charity that operates from Victoria University of Wellington Law School. The WCJP aims to improve access to justice and legal services in the community and to provide law students with an opportunity to gain practical legal experience.

ASEP was founded in response to the report Marking Time created by Changemakers Refugee Forum in 2013. ‘Marking Time’ details the resettlement experiences of successful asylum seekers in New Zealand.

ASEP is made up of three teams: Policy, Government and Media. Our Policy team researches and analyses existing government policy, statistics, international models and key stakeholder groups to form the project’s comprehensive policies. From here, our Government team looks at how this research and ASEP’s policies match up with refugee policies across the political spectrum, connecting with a wide range of MPs and stakeholders to present policy recommendations. Our Media team brings all this together by running an innovative campaign to raise public awareness. Media organise ASEP’s speaker events, fundraisers, our social media, as well as gaining petition signatures.